Ryan Reynolds, Creatively offer monthly grants to creatives

If you’re a creative professional just getting started in your career, Ryan Reynolds wants to help you out. The Green Lantern actor’s new nonprofit, The Creative Ladder, has teamed up with the creative job platform Creatively to give away $5,000 monthly grants to up-and-coming creative professionals in the fields of design, advertising, marketing, and commercial production.

The grant initiative is called CreativelyMade, and not only will each monthly winner get a $5,000 grant, but all winners and finalists will also receive a number of benefits and opportunities including free access to Canva’s design tools, initiation into a HUG artist-in-residency program, free access to Skillshare classes, and more.

Ryan Reynolds, Creatively offer monthly grants to creatives

The monthly grant competition is available to all Creatively users and is free to join. Currently, Creatively’s user base approaches 400,000 creatives, two-thirds of whom identify as BIPOC and a nearly equal percentage identify as female. All users are eligible for the CreativelyMade each month. They can enter simply by posting their best work to their Creatively portfolio each week. Works are then upvoted by the community, with the top three each week being showcased on Creatively. Those weekly finalists are then entered into the chance to win the monthly $5,000 grant.

Ryan Reynolds’s The Creative Ladder launched in the summer of 2022 with the aim of supporting creative talent in traditionally underrepresented communities who are just at the beginning of their careers. Creatively’s platform launched in 2020 and aims to help creatives showcase their works and find freelance and full-time jobs in creative industries.


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