Konakovic after consultation: Schmidt will impose a Solution to the Election Law

After the consultation of the heads of the opposition parties and the high representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH),Christian Schmidt and his legal team on changes to the Election Law and the Federation of BiH (FBiH) Constitution, the President of the People and Justice (Narod i pravda) Elmedin Konakovic stated that he is convinced that the high representative will impose changes to the Election Law.

“I think I was the first to attend a meeting at the Office of the High Representative (OHR). We didn’t want to talk about it much because they asked me not to make those consultations at the OHR a public polemic or a pre-election story. Once again, I express my regret because the cowardice of the leaders in Neum resulted in the OHR probably imposing worse solutions than those that were on the table there. I saw from the views of the representatives of the international community, above all the OHR, that they want and will impose a solution,” Konakovictold.

What that solution will be, he says, remains to be seen.

“We understand the current circumstances and the importance of protecting that ethnic side so that no one in BiH feels threatened. We emphasized how bad the story about the census is because it sends a message to people that they should not go to certain areas and not live there. SDA and HDZ support a concept in which the number in the people’s caucuses would go to eight, according to which the ethnic concept in which they are dominant would work to their advantage because the SDA in the houses of representatives will not have any chance to form a government. Since both parties have mono-ethnic lists, especially the SDA will try to create some balance in the House of Peoples in the Bosniak Caucus, I see that it is a familiar story for them, even though they say otherwise publicly. We hope that the solutions for unblocking the FBiH will be effective, that no one can block any process,” Konakovic assessed, Klix.ba writes.


Konakovic after consultation: Schmidt will impose a Solution to the Election Law

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