Destiny 2 Showcase 2022: All the news and announcements for Lightfall

Bungie debuted its third annual Destiny 2 Showcase on Tuesday, revealing the next year of Destiny content.

The 2022 Destiny 2 Showcase showed off the game’s next major expansion, Lightfall, coming Feb. 28, 2023. In it, players will face the powers of The Witness — the ultimate big bad introduced at the end of the The Witch Queen campaign earlier this year — and its army.

Lightfall is the penultimate expansion in Destiny 2’s first major saga — Light and Darkness. The 2024 expansion, The Final Shape, will end the saga and usher forth a new era of Destiny. Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2 will continue for many years, but not much else is known about what comes after 2024.

Bungie also unveiled Destiny 2’s 18th season, Season of Plunder, which has a fun pirate theme and includes the reprisal of the beloved King’s Fall raid. This is the first time Bungie has revealed a showcase with two full seasons left to go. After season 18 ends in November, Bungie will launch season 19 as the prelude to Lightfall next year.

The studio also confirmed a leak over the weekend that Destiny 2 and Fortnite are collaborating with an in-game crossover. Both games will get skins inspired by the other. Destiny 2 is also coming to the Epic Games Store, and all of the MMO’s expansions will be free for a week (on all platforms) to celebrate. Even Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is getting a handful of Destiny-inspired skins.

With the Showcase over, Destiny 2: Season of Plunder is now available to play in-game, with King’s Fall launching on Friday.

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