Can You Start Your Own Hosting Company with Reseller Hosting?

In the day and age where work from home and earn from home has become

In the day and age where work from home and earn from home has become a common phenomenon, developing and designing websites and web apps at home or within a small space, has been common since ages now. Take any major website or web app that you tend to use these days, all started either from home or from small garages. Why am I talking about all this, when the title clearly mentions starting a hosting company with reseller hosting? Because, even though everyone understands the significance of online presence, very few make it happen. As I tried to flatter you with some words of inspiration, so can you do to convince others and get them online with a website and simultaneously, get a side gig for yourself. You can do all this without hefty investments in infrastructure or additional workforce, through reseller hosting.


What is Reseller Hosting? How does it work?

Reseller hosting in layman’s terms, is somewhat similar to purchasing a loaf of bread from a bakery, and selling it to your clients by cutting it into slices, that also in different sizes as per your clients’ needs. So, cheap reseller hosting is buying a set of hosting space from a provider and then dividing and re-allocating the server as per the particular need. In short, you act as a liaison between your clients and your hosting provider’s infrastructure.

If you follow figures from various research and psephological stats, the web hosting industry will reach a total worth of close to $150 billion by 2022. This gives an enormous opportunity to resellers to start a profitable hosting business, but for that, you’ll just need some imperatives to follow.


Get aligned only with a trusted host:

You will be able to sell only when you trust the product or the service to offer. The hosting company that you are getting the services from should be the one you trust on with respect to the support, security or performance they offer. Certain features are a must when you consider reseller hosting.

  • Number of cPanel accounts- The more the better.
  • Larger and advanced disk space- High-performance Solid State Drives is a must.
  • Unlimited Domains to Host.
  • SSL certificate on offer- Security does matter.
  • Softaculous installation
  • Automatic Backup
  • Unlimited email accounts to cater.

If you can get a platter to offer, why not get along?


Do your study before diving in: 


Make your own plans to offer.

As they say “Rome was not built in a day.” Similarly, you cannot start your hosting business as a reseller in a hurry. Take some time, understand the industry and set proper goals for yourself. Decide whether reseller hosting should be your main source of income or should act as an additional service to your existing developing and designing work. As you research and try to set your own business plan you must set a business template that makes you stand out in the crowd.


Look out for, and create your own set of ecology: Work on your prowess and create opportunities accordingly.

Always select a host who’sprovided features align with your specialization or your prowess such as uptime, performance, speed, scalability, user-friendly site builders, best marketing tools, etc. Users usually search for an easy to use website builder, control panel and analytical capacities, so just look if you can give them what they want. After all, what you want is a long term alignment on both fronts. For example, if you are a WordPress expert, hosts like offer WordPress ready plans, with all the essentials ready for the customers to begin with.

Play on your strengths and get in regular touch with your hosting provider to undermine your weaknesses.


Support your customers in the best way possible:

Just try to be in the customer’s shoes every time you deal with them in regards to their queries. You will never get along with a web hosting company for a longer duration if your doubts and queries are not resolved in time or are delayed regularly. So, the same thing is going to resonate with your customers. After sell service is a big trust-building factor so, you must be strong on it as well.


Learn some Marketing fundas: Up your SEO game and focus on keyword research.

When it comes to joining a flock, it is necessary to be the black sheep in the flock, because a poem is only made on the black one and not on the others. What I am trying to say is you’ll need to market yourself well to stand out in the crowd of the already crowded hosting business. Just focus on the ways you can promote your business in the best possible way. As the business is of websites what else can you rely on, then going on for Search Engine Optimization and being updated on that front?

To Sum it Up:

Don’t make this business just for the sake of it. Properly identify the needs, work on your strengths, and get aligned with those who resonate with your business needs. Rest all is on your regular efforts because this business is all about being updated day in day out. So, make sure you be in the race in order to win it.