Amazon Devices & Services Event 2022

From Alexa to Astro, Kindle, and more, here are all of the updates and announcements from our annual Devices & Services Event.

Today is the day…

The music is fading. The countdown clock is ticking towards zero. It seems like things are about to get going.

Good morning from Seattle

We are watching Amazon’s Devices and Services Fall Launch Event, the annual presentation where Amazon unveils its latest lineup of products and innovations.

We are starting with Dave Limp, senior vice president of Amazon’s Devices and Services business

Limp is standing inside the futuristic Spheres, located at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters.

Dave’s favorite day of the year

“This is my favorite day of the year,” Limp said. “The teams have been working hard since the last time we were together to bring innovations to customers around the world. I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on—and to tell you more about our vision for ambient intelligence and how it comes to life.”

Our first piece of big news

Introducing Amazon’s Kindle Scribe | Amazon News

The day’s first piece of big news: Kindle Scribe—an all-new Kindle, built for reading AND writing.

From Twitter…

Everything you need in one place

“For years, I’ve been carrying around a Kindle and a yellow notepad. Now, everything I need for reading and writing is in one place,” Limp said.

Limp loves his Kindle Scribe

Kindle sticky note feature

Limp said he’s been able to use the Kindle Scribe for some time now in beta, and he loves that he can send documents “from my phone or computer right to Scribe, mark up PDFs, and add Sticky Notes to Word documents—all in the same place. And coming early next year, you will be able to send documents to Kindle Scribe directly from Microsoft Word.”

Kindle Scribe details

An image of three Amazon Kindle Scribe devices on a white background.

The Kindle Scribe comes with the world’s first 10.2-inch, 300 ppi adjustable front-light display. Limp said the new device adjusts to the surroundings for an optimal experience day or night and “lasts weeks and weeks, without ever having to think about charging.”

More details

The Kindle Scribe will be available globally in time for the holidays, starting at $339 with the pen included. U.S. customers will get access to a wide selection of over 3 million eBooks with a free, four-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited.

Even More Kindle Announcements

Limp also talked about two other new Kindle products: Kindle and Kindle Kids. “Customers can get premium features like our most compact design, our highest resolution display, and up to six weeks of battery life—all for less than $100,“ he said.

Millions of titles globally

Before we move on, Limp just talked about the Kindle Store. It offers more than 13 million titles globally. This includes new and upcoming releases from Michelle Obama, hundreds of thousands of titles from Kindle Direct Publishing, and limitless reading with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. For Kindle Scribe customers who can’t wait to start annotating their non-fiction texts, the Kindle Store has over 2 million non-fiction titles—including exclusive content from bestselling authors, like Jenny Lawson, and modern classics, like works from Malcolm Gladwell.

Paper saver

The Spheres are home to thousands of plants. They are a good example of connecting innovation with Amazon’s commitments to sustainability. Another example: by allowing people to read on a digital screen, Kindle saved 2.3 million metric tons of carbon emissions over the last two years, according to the results of a recent study. That’s equivalent to the carbon absorbed by more than 2.7 million acres of U.S. forests in one year, Limp said.

100% recyclable device packaging in the U.S.

Limp is also sharing an update on Amazon’s goal, set in 2020 to make our device packaging 100% recyclable by 2023. This is a first for the consumer electronics industry.

Ahead of schedule

“I am pleased to announce that we’re ahead of schedule on this commitment,” he said.

From Twitter…

Our responsibility to lead

This past year, Amazon became the largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy in the world, Limp said. We have a responsibility to lead and do more.

Want to learn even more? Check out this rundown of the latest in sustainability from the Devices and Services Business.

A world that can adapt to our needs

Limp is talking about Ambient Intelligence. It’s the idea that digital systems, services, and devices can work together in the background on our behalf—helping us create a world that can adapt to our needs so we can focus on the things that matter to us.

Technology that adapts to you

“There is a paradigm shift happening in consumer electronics: Technology needs to be personalized and intuitive enough to adapt to you and your environment—not the other way around,” Limp said. “We call this ambient intelligence.”

Three characteristics

For Amazon, ambient intelligence is composed of many different things, but it can be boiled down to three key characteristics.

1) It has to be intuitive for everybody.
2) It should be proactive.
3) Ambient intelligence is personalized.

Ambient computing is already here

Limp said that nearly 90% of daily Alexa routines are initiated without a customer having to say anything.

The golden age of AI

Limp stays with the ambient intelligence theme. “[We’re] seeing the golden age of artificial intelligence unfold before our very eyes. I often say the best part of my job is getting to live in the future,” Limp said. “And, that’s never been truer than with ambient intelligence.”

Njenga Kariuki takes the stage

Dave Limp passes it off to Njenga Kariuki, who takes the stage to set up another big announcement and explain how ambient intelligence applies to health and wellness—particularly, sleep.

Sleep-life harmony

“Prioritizing sleep isn’t just about getting more sleep. It’s about finding the right balance between great sleep and the habits and activities you do during the day,” he said. “We call this “sleep-life harmony,” and we strive to invent devices and services that remove the obstacles that disrupt this balance.”

Introducing Halo Rise: A powerful, purpose-built tool

Kariuki said that Halo Rise brings together different features into one powerful, purpose-built tool that works silently and intelligently in the background. It is designed to help customers understand and improve their sleep.

Just get into bed and you’re good to go…

“With Halo Rise, there are no apps to activate, nothing to wear on your wrist, no batteries to worry about—just get into bed and you’re good to go.” said Kariuki.

How it works

Halo Rise doesn’t have a camera or microphone; instead, it uses no-contact, low-energy sensor technology and advanced machine learning to sense movement and respiratory patterns. This allows Halo Rise to accurately determine a user’s sleep stages throughout the night. Amazon trained and validated the device’s sleep algorithm against the clinical gold standard for sleep analysis called—big word alert—overnight polysomnography.

Sleeping smarter

Halo Rise also features built-in environmental sensors that measure the temperature, humidity, and light in the bedroom—helping you to optimize and improve your sleeping conditions. Kariuki said Halo Rise works with Alexa, enabling you to use a compatible Echo device to wake up to your favorite song or set up Alexa Routines, which can dim the lights and start a meditation automatically when you get into bed.

Privacy is paramount

From Twitter: Halo Rise

Available this year

Introducing Amazon’s Halo Rise | Amazon News

Halo Rise will be available later this year for $139.99, and includes a 6-month Halo membership.

Introducing Heather Zorn

Heather Zorn, Amazon’s vice president for Alexa, takes the stage.

Living in the moment

Zorn is picking up the ambient theme and talking about the importance of creating experiences that keep people “rooted in the moment, not distracted by a device.” We’ve heard this kind of language a lot already this morning. Ambient intelligence really is about helping you be and stay in the moment.

Echo Studios updates

Zorn just unveiled a free update that will benefit all current and future Echo Studio customers. “This is our best-sounding speaker, and a customer favorite. In fact, it’s one of our top-rated Echo products. And this year, we’re making it even better,” she said. It comes with new, custom-built spatial audio processing technology that builds on Amazon’s 3D audio. It’s designed to enhance stereo sound and offer greater width, clarity, and presence. Amazon enhanced the frequency range extension technology to deliver better performance by improving mid-range clarity and deepening the bass. There’s also a new color option: Glacier White, which starts shipping next month.

Echo Dot gets an upgrade

Echo Dot, the world’s bestselling smart speaker, also got an upgrade.

Echo Dot updates

Amazon redesigned the audio architecture to fit a larger speaker into a device that’s the same size as the previous generation. The result, according to Zorn, is clearer vocals and up to twice the bass of the previous generation. “I’ve always thought the sound on my Echo Dots was great, but this device manages to squeeze in even better audio quality—it’s so impressive what the team has managed to do here,” Zorn said.

More information on the Echo Dot display

Amazon also updated the Echo Dot with Clock to include a display that can show more information.

More upgrades are rolling in hot

Zorn said the next-gen Echo Dot also comes with an accelerometer and temperature sensor. The accelerometer enables more tap gesture controls, so users can simply tap the top of the device to pause and restart music, stop a timer, or end a call. With the temperature sensor, they can ask Alexa for the room temperature, or, when combined with Routines, Alexa can proactively turn on their smart fan if it gets too warm. This is another excellent example of ambient intelligence operating in the background.

Echo mash up

There’s even more to the new Echo Dot lineup. Amazon also added eero Built-in to Echo Dot, allowing Echo devices to serve as wifi extenders for the first time. Each compatible Echo device adds up to 1,000 square feet of coverage to an existing eero network. “We’re making it easier than ever for you to stream in 4K or take a video call, with fewer dead zones,” Zorn said.

Pre-order today

Echo Dot will be available for $49.99, and Echo Dot with Clock for $59.99. You can pre-order both today.

Oodles of Echo news

There’s oodles of Echo news today; Zorn is announcing new additions to the Echo Dot Kids family as well.

Available next month

Echo Dot Kids will be available next month for $59.99.

“Hey Disney!”

Last September, Amazon announced “Hey, Disney!”—a custom voice assistant built on Alexa technology, which provides customers access to immersive experiences and entertainment, featuring iconic characters. Zorn said that “Hey, Disney!” will soon be available to customers in the U.S. with a Kids+ subscription or in the Alexa Skills Store.

Just in from Twitter: New Echo designs

Like magic

Disney’s wearable device, MagicBand+, will be compatible with “Hey, Disney!” and work with Echo devices in resort and at home. Playing Disney trivia will be even more fun as your MagicBand+ transforms into a game show style buzzer and reacts with lights and haptics when you answer trivia questions. “This is just the start,“ Zorn said.

Co-create characters and visual stories

Shop the look

Zorn said that half of Alexa customers have used their device to shop. “We’re doubling down with Shop the Look, a new feature on Echo Show devices that leverages a breakthrough in how our AI understands and acts on customer references of visual attributes,” she said. Zorn said customers can say something as intuitive as “Alexa, show me the one-shoulder top” and get results. Amazon engineers accomplished this by using the Alexa Teacher Model, which is pre-trained on images and multilingual captions, and fine-tuned on the Amazon product catalog.

Taking ambient intelligence on the road

Ambient intelligence can be useful, both at home and on the go, and that’s where Zorn is taking us now—on the road.

Echo Auto

“Ambient technology is at its best in environments where people are focused on other tasks, and nowhere is that more important than in the car,” Zorn said. “Voice can minimize distractions and help you keep your eyes on the road so you can focus on the fun of driving.” Echo Auto, available for $54.99, “works great for hands-free messaging and communications, navigation, and listening to your favorite podcast,” Zorn said. “But now it can do a lot more.”

Just in from Twitter: Disney’s MagicBand+ will be compatible with the “Hey Disney!” assistant

Just in from Twitter: Echo Auto gets a slimmer design

Built on Alexa

BMW’s new voice experience will be built with Alexa Custom Assistant—a comprehensive solution that makes it easy for BMW and other brands and device makers to create their own custom intelligent assistant—tailored to their brand personality and customer needs. It’s all built on Alexa technology, eliminating the cost and complexity of building a voice experience from the ground up.

Learn more about how we’re bringing even more utility and delight to customers with Alexa.

Teaming up with BMW

Here comes Astro

Last year, Amazon unveiled Astro. Now Ken Washington, vice president of Consumer Robotics, is on stage to share the latest news about the company’s first home robot.

Personality and utility

Astro provides convenience and peace of mind

Washington said that customers responded to Astro like they did to Alexa, loving the robot for its personality as well as its utility. “Today I want to talk about some new devices and services we’ll be adding to give customers even more peace of mind.”

Adding new functionality to the Alexa Together service

He said that Amazon is adding new functionality to the Alexa Together service, which allows customers to create custom alerts for their family members’ daily smart home activity. “That daily reassurance is also a BIG part of why we created Astro in the first place,” Washington said.

A pet project for Astro

Giving Astro the ability to interact with all members of the family | Amazon News

Astro will soon be able to detect cats and dogs—offering a unique way to check on your pets while you’re away. While patrolling, Astro will send you a video clip of what your pet is doing when it sees them, so you can then use Live View to say hi to them, or simply enjoy watching their antics.

In addition, Astro is Amazon’s first device with “a new multimodal AI capability that will enable it to learn about things in your home that you want it to,” Washington said. “Based on what you say while Astro is looking at an object, Astro will learn about the object’s place and state in your home—similar to how humans learn. This will start with doors and windows, so that Astro can alert you if something was left open that shouldn’t have been.”

Just in from Twitter: Enlist Astro to check in on your pets

Invent with Astro

Developers will soon have the ability to create their own experiences for Astro, with an upcoming software development kit (SDK) for Astro. “We’ve already been testing an early version of the SDK internally—in fact, the new pet detection feature was built using this SDK,” Washington said. He said that this year, Amazon will start working with three of the world’s leading robotics schools—the Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Maryland, and the University of Michigan. “We’ll put an early form of the SDK in their students’ hands. These are some of the brightest minds in robotics, and I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with,” he said.

Astro and Ring

Astro reporting for duty

Introducing Amazon Astro: Your Virtual Security Guard | Amazon News

Learn more

Just in from Twitter: Astro helps small business owners protect their businesses

Spotlight Cam Pro

Besides the new Astro features, Amazon also announced technology that can keep an eye on your home. Spotlight Cam Pro is the latest in Ring’s Pro lineup of cameras, which integrates radar to deliver more precise motion alerts. It costs $229.99, and you can pre-order it today.

Gaining momentum…

“For more than a decade, Ring has enhanced customers’ lives with convenience and greater peace of mind,” Washington said, “And we’re seeing lots of momentum with Blink too.”

Peace of mind with Blink

Washington introduced Blink Mini Pan Tilt, an accessory for the Blink Mini security camera. It brings additional functionality with a 360-degree view of any room, so you can see more of what’s happening from corner to corner. It costs $29.99.

More new Blink devices

There are more new Blink devices and features: Blink Wired Floodlight Camera is a smart floodlight camera that uses computer vision capabilities like Privacy and Activity Zones. Just like with Astro, all computer vision processing takes place on the device. It costs $99.99 and will be available later this year.

Home smart home

Smart devices must talk to each other to make ambient intelligence a reality. Strong wifi has already become the foundation of the connected home, and eero CEO and Co-Founder Nick Weaver is on stage to share the latest eero news.

“Tens of millions of eeros” enable fast wifi

eero wifi devices work together to create a wide wireless network, called a mesh network. Weaver said there are “tens of millions of eeros” around the world, which enable fast and reliable wifi.

eero’s biggest lineup

Maximizing your wifi coverage

“Our fastest wired experience”

An image of an eero PoE Gateway on the left side and text on the right side that reads "Introducing eero PoE Gateway" on a grey background.

Weaver says Amazon’s first device with 10 Gigabit Ethernet delivers our fastest wired experience ever. The eero PoE Gateway can provide up to 100 watts of pooled power for multiple PoE devices. It’ll be available early next year through select ISP partners in the U.S. and Canada and via in the U.S. for an MSRP of $649.99/$859.99 CAD.

Just in from Twitter: Our biggest eero lineup yet

An important matter

There are more than 140,000 Alexa-compatible products, and more than 300 million smart home devices currently connected to Alexa. “This is an effort unprecedented in its scale and complexity—and we are excited about making our homes smarter and easier to use, while ensuring our customers continue to have a high-quality experience,” Weaver said. “Amazon is working with partners like Eve, Resideo, Phillips Hue, and many others to help make their Matter experiences simple and easy.”

Helping device makers

Weaver also said that Amazon is bringing Frustration-Free Setup to the Matter software development kit (SDK) “so customers can get a device connected by just plugging it in. And we’re also introducing a new Alexa Connect Kit, which will help device makers connect Matter devices to the cloud, and enable things like easy over-the-air software updates,” he said.

A new standard

Weaver is talking about Matter, a new standard that aims to further simplify the smart home, giving customers the flexibility to mix and match their devices and voice assistants. This is a big task.

One step closer

“All of this will bring us one step closer to achieving our goal for Alexa to be compatible with all smart home devices, giving customers even more choice and flexibility.”

An Echo of the future

We’ve already heard today how ambient intelligence can help customers at home, on the road, and even in your sleep. Daniel Raush, vice president of Fire TV, is on the stage now, and he’s talking about how ambient intelligence intersects with entertainment.

Bringing Fire TV to the Echo Show 15

An image of an Amazon Echo Show 15 mounted on the wall showing the homepage with a "The Lord of The Rings Rings of Power" promo at the top and miscellaneous apps at the bottom.

Rausch said that by being intuitive, personalized, and proactive, “ambient intelligence can reinvent everything from how you control your smart home, to your morning routine, even what it means to have family movie night.” He announced that Amazon will bring its Fire TV experience to new and existing customers using Amazon’s Echo Show 15 device.

Just in from Twitter: We’re adding the Fire Video experience to new & existing Echo Show 15s

A next-gen Fire TV Cube

An image of the Fire TV Cube sitting on a wooden table with a white background and text on the left that reads "All-new Fire TV Cube."

Alexa is an important component of Amazon’s ambient intelligence vision, and that includes entertainment. “We know customers love using Alexa on Fire TV, Rausch says. ”When we look across the 150 million Fire TV devices we’ve sold to date, we see customers engage with content nearly twice as much when they use their voice. And now over 70 partners have also deeply integrated voice into their own streaming apps on Fire TV as well.”

A “foundational” integration with voice

Rausch said this deep voice integration is “foundational” to its new Fire TV Cube. He said it has hands-free voice control, “so you can get to the content you want, intuitively, without having to worry about finding the right remote or flipping through different streaming services to find what you’re looking for.” He added, “This is made easy by our latest 4 microphone array that suppresses competing noises to ensure Alexa clearly hears your request. And with the built-in 360-degree IR blaster, it’s possible to control your other living room devices with just your voice, too.”

Just announced…

Rausch just announced expanded integration with compatible hearing aids.

Shipping soon

Rausch said the new Fire TV Cube will start shipping to customers on October 25 and cost $139.99.

We need this!

Rausch just announced a product that he says gets more use in his house than any Fire TV device he’s ever owned.

The remote you have to try to lose

An image of a woman pressing a button on a TV remote speaking with Alexa. There is a TV blurred in the background.

Alexa Voice Remote Pro is a new Remote Finder feature that allows customers to ask Alexa to help them find the remote when they can’t. The remote also comes with a new backlighting, which makes it easier to find and use in the dark.

More Alexa Voice Remote Pro features

The remote also comes with two programmable buttons users can set up to launch their favorite streaming apps or to create shortcuts for any Alexa command, like a Routine, with the simple press of a button. “In my house, we’ve programmed one of these buttons to start a Routine that closes the blinds, dims the lights, and announces to the whole house that it’s family movie night,” Rausch said. The Alexa Voice Remote Pro will be available this November for $34.99.

A big news alert

Rausch just announced the Fire TV Omni QLED series, Amazon’s smartest TV lineup ever.

Just in from Twitter: Our latest version of our Fire TV cube

The Omni QLED Series

An image of the Fire TV Cube with Prime Video's "Thursday Night Football" cover on the screen and a wooden entertainment center at the bottom.

The Omni QLED Series has a deep integration with voice—so no matter where you are in the room, you can interact with it easily. The TV also includes support for both Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10+ Adaptive and a new feature called Adaptive Brightness, which enables the TV to understand the lighting in the room and intelligently adjust the picture contrast to the surroundings.

“The best picture quality we have ever had”

“It provides the best picture quality we have ever had, with a stunning QLED display that delivers rich colors and full-array local dimming with up to 96 zones,” Rausch said. This is the first Fire TV to ship with Dolby Vision IQ, “which brings you the content the way directors intended.”

The all-new Fire TV Ambient Experience

“Ambient intelligence really shines when technology just works. So we added the all-new Ambient Experience that brings together contextual awareness, useful information, and elegant artwork to create a more beautiful and helpful experience in the background,” Rausch said.

Fire TV features

This feels like the finale to a fireworks show. The list of cool features just keeps going. The Fire TV Omni QLED Series can transform into a beautiful canvas for artwork when you are home and not streaming any content. It comes with free, gallery-quality art access that starts with over 1,500 landscapes, motion visuals, impressionist pieces, and photography curated from museums and artists all around the world. You can ask Alexa questions about the artwork you see in the Ambient Experience, ‘Tell me more about this photo,’ or ‘Who painted this? Rausch said. “In my house, we’ve learned a lot about the impressionist pieces from The National Gallery of Art in Washington.”

Alexa Widgets

The TV also comes with Alexa Widgets that can provide you with useful information throughout the day. The “What Should I Watch” feature can make streaming recommendations based on top trending video titles on Fire TV.

Just in from Twitter: All-new Amazon Fire TV

Pre-order today

The Fire TV Omni QLED series, Amazon’s smartest TV lineup ever | Amazon News

The Fire TV Omni QLED Series comes in 65-inch and 75-inch options. It’s available for pre-order today for customers in the U.S. and Canada, starting at $799.99.

Dave Limp is back on stage

Dave Limp is back on stage to wrap up the event. “I’d like to thank the thousands of people who worked really hard this past year to bring these innovations to our customers. We’re so proud of what we’ve shown you: advancements to our most beloved products, intuitive smart home technology that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible today, the latest sensors to help you sleep better and give you peace of mind, personalized services to enjoy the more delightful moments with those you love, and of course, devices that just work, straight out-of-the-box, and allow us to live more sustainably,” he said.

That’s all folks!

It’s a wrap! “We invent around a simple premise: the real-world matters to customers,” Limp said, signing off. “And that’s why we work hard to build devices and services that solve problems behind-the-scenes—so our customers can focus on the here and now.”

Thank you

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